Professional service providers have a duty to act in their clients' best interests in everything they do. Any deliberate or negligent act by a professional that causes harm to a client can create grounds for a malpractice claim. Professionals who are charged with malpractice will retain competent counsel who will aggressively defend their clients' interests.

If you have suffered any type of harm because of a professional's negligent or unethical behavior, you should have an attorney with the ability to properly handle your case. California attorney Timothy D. McGonigle has a substantial background obtaining damages for people who have suffered because of improper conduct by a professional service provider.

Representation For Plaintiffs In Complex Malpractice Cases

In any professional malpractice case, there can be a number of issues that arise that are unique to these types of proceedings. Not every lawyer will be equipped to handle these cases, and people who hire inexperienced counsel can find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Attorney McGonigle regularly handles cases involving such issues as statutes of limitation, causation and issues regarding duties.

In addition, Mr. McGonigle's experience representing clients on both sides of professional malpractice claims allows him to take a much more proactive approach to obtaining favorable results for his clients. He prepares every case for trial and knows how to manage these matters to a successful outcome.

Skilled Handling Of Malpractice Matters In A Wide Range Of Professions

The firm is prepared to represent you in any professional malpractice claim, including those involving:

Contact Timothy D. McGonigle If You Have Been Harmed By Malpractice

From his primary office in Los Angeles, Mr. McGonigle represents clients throughout Los Angeles County and across California. You can schedule an appointment regarding your professional or legal malpractice case by calling 310-478-7110. You may also contact the firm via email.

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