Timothy D. McGonigle

Attorney Timothy D. McGonigle is a tenured litigator with more than 30 years of experience resolving complex disputes for clients throughout California. He is highly skilled in numerous venues, having successfully represented clients in jury and bench trials, arbitrations and mediations. He also represents clients in appellate matters at all levels of the California court system.

Based in Los Angeles County, Timothy D. McGonigle, PC, was established in 1986. The firm has come to be recognized as one of the most respected plaintiffs’ professional malpractice and business litigation firms in the state. Representing individuals, small businesses and corporations with equal proficiency, Mr. McGonigle is uniquely positioned to provide effective representation to clients on any side of a dispute.

Mr. McGonigle has earned the respect of his peers and the entire legal community. He has received numerous accolades through peer reviews and nominations, and he is called upon regularly to provide expert testimony in cases involving attorney fee disputes and breach of duty claims.

Recently Mr. McGonigle represented a doctor who was wrongfully terminated for reporting illegal activity at his clinic. These illegal practices included violating the clinic’s nonprofit charter by turning away patients who did not have the money to be treated, recommending medically unnecessary tests so as to overcharge patients, and allowing someone who was not a doctor to act as Medical Director.
Mr. McGonigle obtained a $6.1 million verdict against the clinic, and as a result, the clinic has since been reformed—it is now fulfilling its mission to treat patients at all monetary levels. You can read the full story here.
Since 1986, I have been committed to representing individuals, small businesses and corporations in professional malpractice and business litigation cases

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