Los Angeles Attorney Representing Plaintiffs in Legal Fee Dispute Matters

As a subset of attorney malpractice, attorney fee disputes may arise for a number of reasons. Attorneys may be charging for unnecessary work or work that wasn't completed, adding hidden or undisclosed charges to the bill, padding their hours, billing in a manner that results in increased attorney fees, or overcharging in some other manner. Our Los Angeles law firm can help you effectively settle attorney fee disputes, either outside of court or in front of a judge.

Lawyers And Unconscionable Fees

California Rule of Professional Conduct 4-200 prohibits attorneys from charging an "unconscionable fee." The determination of what constitutes an unconscionable fee is based on the consideration of many factors, including the individual facts of each case. With the help of an experienced law firm, navigating the waters of attorney fee disputes becomes much less fraught with uncertainty.

Hiring a firm with experience resolving attorney fee dispute cases is the key to a successful outcome. If attorney fees remain unpaid, clients run the risk of being sued by their former attorneys, even if the charges are actively being disputed. By having a skilled legal professional provide aggressive representation in these cases, former clients in attorney fee disputes can avoid going to court, unless absolutely necessary.

If You Are Concerned About A Lawyer Charging Hidden Fees Or Overcharging, Contact Us

The Law Offices of Timothy D. McGonigle has obtained awards for plaintiffs in attorney fee disputes, including a $700,000 jury verdict against a prominent law firm, involving an underlying class action representation. If you are in a fee dispute with an attorney, contact our firm online or call 310-478-7110 for a free consultation.